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I'm 15 going into my sophomore year of high school

I'm 15 going into my sophomore year of high school, i have medium length light brown/blondish hair, i would say skinny but not toned lol, greenish gold eyes. I would say i have a pretty good fashion sense and i'm really nice and shy. A lot of my friends are dating or have had boyfriends and there first kiss and all of that but i mean i don't wanna rush any of that. Sometimes it really bothers me though because my friends will be like "ugh its been 8 months since a guy called me beautiful".... I've never been called beautiful by a guy... The closest i have ever come to a relationship was in like 5th grade i was best friends with this boy and we liked each other, now i have a few guy friends but there all gay and friends with all other girls, not other guys. The only guys im friends with who aren't gay and kinda like creepy nerds. I just don't think I'm very good at flirting and maybe i'm just not attractive at all and i have some type of illusion i mean i really really don't wanna seem concited because i know im not the prettiest thing out there but i'm not ugly. Is there anything I can do to kinda improve myself?
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