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HI, i'm 16, 17 soon, female, live in the UK

HI, i'm 16, 17 soon, female, live in the UK. going into year 12/alevels.
In year 9 (14) I went out with a guy, it lasted a couple of months and was my first proper relationship.
When we broke up I had flings with a few other guys and have had a long term relationship since, which ended a few months ago.
And for him, ever since then, has been with his girlfriend that he's still with now.

A couple of months ago me and him got back in contact when he got my number from a friend and text me, inviting me to his house party, i went and afterwards we started talking on facebook and had a good catch up.
since then we've become much closer as we both suffer depression and anxiety, and we understand each other in that sense (plus we just get on naturally)
when we meet up we just sit and chat and I feel relaxed because I can be myself with him. We're both bisexual and always joke around calling each other gay best friends...sometimes we cuddle if one of us is feeling really down and it is honestly completely innocent.

The problem lies with his girlfriend, as obviously she doesn't like how close we are. Me and her are/were friends, but now she bitches about me to him and never has anything good to say about me,,,plus she does pathetic things like when she meets up with him she stalks my instagram and calls me ugly..? and then doesn't like it when he stands up for me.
I understand that she may see me as a 'threat' or feel odd because we are ex's....but I mean come on, it was like three years ago, and it wasn't a properly serious relationship anyway?
She is also just obsessed with lying around watching reality tv shows and claims to be anorexic for attention, and her personality is changing from when we were friends a few months ago, into a boring whiney beg. She's made stupid rules with him now where she doesn't want him to meet up with me alone (although we still do) and says she can't trust me? when I have never broken her trust before?

She has never had the guts to tell me face to face that she feels uncomfortable, or what her problem is, we are starting at the same college next week and although we are doing different courses, I will still see her around, and I don't want things to be awkward any more between us, as I have done nothing wrong.
I personally feel that she is insecure in her own relationship and doesn't trust HIM, buuuut, It's unfair that she is ruining a valuable friendship.
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